no one can save me but you

There’s just one thing that I’ve been dreaming of

The way we did before

Holding hands like could say this was the end

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Ed Sheeran - “X”

Ed Sheeran -X

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“This is a girl who walks in the door and she’s ready. She’s a natural. She knows what she’s doing. We haven’t even begun to tap into what’s in there. I don’t know that we ever will on this show. It might be a movie in 10 years from now that taps her true ability,” Kevin Williamson,about Nina Dobrev acting skills.

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remember when Raven did this show
remember when Raven also had an episode regarding racism
remember when Disney was good 

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stydia au: Stiles and Scott are the most popular guys in School, they’re the best lacrosse players, everyone loves them and they have all the girls attention. Especially Lydia and Allison. For Allison, always being the new girl is never easy but having a true friend by her side will not only help her find love but Lydia will have the chance she never thought she would get. [X]

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stelena + scenery

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